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Scoring Key: The first four numbers are Woodwind, second four Brass, then Percussion, other instruments and finally Strings.

Example: 22cor22 4321 tp per(4) hp org str would mean 2xflutes, 2xoboes, Cor Anglais, 2xclarinets, 2xbassoons, then 4xhorns, 3xtrumpets,3xtrombones, tuba, then tp = Timpani, per = percussion using 4 players, hp=harp, org=church organ, and strings (usually 8 desks of firsts, 8 desk of seconds, 6 desks of viola, 6 desks of cellos and four basses. Extra parts can be specified.

PDF Downloads will be sent via WhatsApp on receipt of remittance. Orders can be sent to and remittance can be sent via bank transfer. Purchase of sheet music does include performance which should be registered with PRS in the usual way. Where a "Premier" (1st) performance happens notification must be sent to us and where possible the composer will make every effort to attend subject to diary commitments.

Prices on application

Currently Available

Fantasia on the Hymn Tune "Repton

It is scored for: 1111 2231 Tp Hp str and has a duration of 7 min.

Available for Small Orchestra as a PDF download. This gentle "pastoral" work is based on the hymn "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind"and is playable by a moderate ability or young orchestra. It was first premiered by the All Souls Orchestra under the baton of Noël Tredinnick at The Sage, Gateshead as part of the highly successful Prom Praise Tours. It is a suitable "filler" piece of easy listening music.

Festive Concert Overture "Morganlicht" (Morninglight)

It is scored for: 2pic2cor3(Eb&Bb)2contr   4331   Tp Perc(4) Hp(Hp2 optional) Pno str and has a duration of 11 min.

New for 2024 the FC Overture "Morganlicht"is available for Large Orchestra as a PDF Download.It is playable for Advanced amateur orchestras, semi and professional orchestras. It is written, having been influenced by the music of Shostakovich, and requires competent players in all sections and makes a good "opener" to any concert with flourishes as well as melodic themes.  Programme notes are available. The large percussion section requires SD,BD,Cym,triangle,TamTam,Tambourine,wind chimes,  TBells,Xylophone. Harp 2 is optional (cued in piano) and Organ can be replaced with a Synthesiser using a suitable sample patch and quality amplification.

Coming Soon

'cello Concerto

Symphony No 2 

Horn Concerto

Gloria (For choir and Orchestra)

for any other titles please contact us.

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