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Meet Colin.

As a composer Colins output is eclectic in the extreme. Be it orchestral, choral, pop/rock songs, musicals, video, has had a go at them all! In his later years this output can be clearly defined into two areas, that of classical orchestral and choral and then Pop/Rock both which are defined in the two distinct web sites. He prefers not to be tied to one or the other in the strong belief that all music comes from our Creator. In a recent article posted on social media he comments "my music is a part of my existential being and no longer do I seek the approval of others to it being relevant to its success or failure. I write because I have to, my soul cries out and my music as such is a response.
To quote the great Jimmy Page: “music is not a competition its a sharing”! Colin comments: “The only One I write for is He who made me and gave me what limited gifting I may have in order to converse with Him. Anything else for me is secondary!"
For those who are interested there is an in-depth "wiki-style" biography contained in these pages.

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